New year, new demo track. Amplitude mutilated noise wall for out of body experiences. Beware of astral disasters, intrepid travelers.

Seamless rust.

Seamless rust.

This is a demo for a track I’m working on that’s currently titled “Actinium Amniocentesis.” I don’t know where this is going just yet…

Another preview/work in progress. This one’s very electrical-sounding. The idea was to make a fuzzy, electrical-sounding noise wal—not sure if it’s really that harsh

This is a work in progress [regress?] called “Sgr A*.” [Pronounced “Sagittarius A Star.”] The idea was to make a cosmic/spacy harsh noise wall themed around Sgr A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy.

There is more to be done and more to come.

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